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Lodging Travel
Ensuring Your Security | Getting the Best Room for Your Needs

  Ensuring Your Security

Always keep valuables in the hotel lobby safe. Even if there's a safe in your room, it's best to use the one in the lobby, as it is far more secure and is usually covered by the hotel's insurance policy should a theft occur. Keep in mind that hotel liability levels can vary in different countries. It's always a good idea to check with the hotel ahead of time to make sure they provide a lobby safe and insurance coverage.

Leave the television on (with the volume up) when you leave the room so would-be intruders think the room is occupied.

Hotel security can be lax regardless of the size or quality of the property. In many properties, non-guests can enter without ever being questioned by hotel personnel. It's always smart to request a room that has no external access and that is located on an upper floor since these rooms are usually a little less accessible to intruders.

If you notice that hotel security has been compromised in any way, report it immediately to hotel authorities or even the police if necessary.

  Getting the Best Room for Your Needs

Try to get as much information about the property and accommodations in advance as possible, to ensure that you'll have all the amenities you want. Before finalizing your reservations, call the property directly to ask for details about matters that will affect your comfort. Are any disruptive construction projects scheduled or currently underway at the property? Has the property recently suffered damages from any natural disasters, such as eroded beaches resulting from hurricanes?

Decide what particular kind of room you want, and request it in advance. Are you looking for a quiet, sunny spot with a garden view? Or perhaps a room with a balcony overlooking the ocean? Do you want a non-smoking room and a king-sized bed? Do you need a room with business facilities such as a fax machine and data ports? It's also a good idea to ask for a written confirmation of your room selection and rate.

You should always reserve a room that will be adequate for your needs--you'll be spending a third of your vacation there, so don't try to make do with rooms you aren't completely happy with. But once you're at the hotel, there's no harm in inquiring about room upgrades. Late in the day, there may be rooms that will remain unoccupied for the night. Front-desk employees usually have the authority to upgrade. (Another helpful hint that can work wonders: Ask nicely and look like you just came off a hellish flight.) provides travel guide, lodging, online booking, transportation, passport and visa services, vacation planning and more.
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